Facebook Timeline Hallway


The timeline hallway is an interactive multi-display exhibit in which conference attendees can swipe their badge on an RFID reader and load their most popular photos, status updates, likes, and friends from their Facebook profile and enjoy an experience of their Facebook history.

The experience spans 8 large plasma screen displays, and the viewer moves along the hallway as their timeline progresses. They begin with viewing the mesh network of attendees to that conference, and zoom in on their location among that network. The timeline begins and they see their origins; the date they joined Facebook, their first post, and early status updates. They then see their first like, and other popular likes of theirs. The timeline moves on to reveal their first friend, most recent friend, and a large amount of friends that came inbetween. The timeline culminates in revealing the viewers most popular photos and then their own profile photo and cover image, which zooms out and a cascade of their friends profile photos flys in to reveal a mosaic of images which forms the Facebook logo.

My role on this project was lead development of the front end software. I worked with multiple Facebook engineers to establish an appropriate API to deliver the required content types to the OpenGL software. I also coordinated development of independent visual components with another software developer in order to meet the tight deadline of the fMC conference. The conference was held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City on February 29th, 2012.